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Preparing for a Supreme Court Decision Involving Race-Conscious Admission
Since the 1978 Bakke vs. Regents of the University of California decision, the United States Supreme Court has affirmed the institutional interest in diversity as a compelling interest and has affirmed the consideration of race as a valid means to help enroll a diverse student body. As the Court prepares to hear two cases involving race-conscious admission, how will college admission counseling professionals need to prepare for the range of challenges that could arise from the Court’s decision? How do we communicate with students and families? How do we determine our existing and new good practices for centering equity in our work? And how do we ensure that we accelerate the ongoing work of understanding the complexities of our diverse society? ACCEPT, ACCIS, FairTest, and NACAC will offer insight into what we shared with the Court in advance of oral arguments and our plans to address the Court’s decision in 2023.


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